Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby Avoree 8/26/2013

Baby Avoree was born via Cesarean Section on August 26, 2013 at 5:27pm
At birth she was 6lbs 12oz and 19inches long.

Her mother's pregnancy wasn't easy. Keecia is a tall, slim woman who doesn't weigh much when not pregnant. All of the weight she gained was in front with the baby, and this caused a lot of stress and pain on her back. Keecia had delivered her first child by emergency C-Section, and it was her goal to deliver her daughter VBAC. (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) Unfortunately, due to her small size, and the amount of pain Keecia was already in, her Dr. only felt comfortable delivering via C-Section.
Keecia is one of the hardest working mothers I know, specifically when it comes to her Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery.
She walked every day, swam and chased after her two year old son, up until the day Avoree was born. At one point, when her contractions had been 1 minute a part for 2 hours, we went into the hospital. Keecia was out of bed doing squats, using a stair stepper, taking a warm bath and pacing her room during contractions, all to keep her labor progressing so that she could hopefully deliver Avoree vaginally. I was very impressed with her inner strength!
The different techniques we tried were Pressure Point Massage, which brought on harder and more consistent contractions. Perineal massage to help open and loosen her up in case a Vaginal Delivery became possible. Regular exercising, including walking, squats, deep breathing exercises, swimming and yoga stretches.
Two days after Avoree's due date, Keecia's Dr performed a Cesarean Section and a happy and healthy Baby Avoree was born. I was very privileged to share that day with the entire family.

Baby Avoree is being Breast Fed and is growing beautifully. She has a fantastic smile and loves to be held.

This is one of my favorite birth stories, not only because it highlights how hard working and brave mothers who choose to have a Cesarean are, but also it shows that a Doula's main goal is to support the mother, whatever her choices are. We can not project our own feelings or ideas onto another, especially a mother going through such a momentous occasion. A Doula is at her best, when she is able to help both parents work together to create a calm and loving environment for baby to be born into, no matter where that birth is, or under what circumstances.

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