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Baby Ava 9/10/2013

Baby Ava was born on September 10, 2013 at 1:30 am. She weighed 8lbs 15oz and was 20 inches long.

I met Ava's mom, Sunny, the day she went into labor. I met her at her home, around 6pm, and was welcomed by a crew of loving and fun family members. All of whom were very supportive of Sunny using a Doula. Sunny was rocking on a birthing ball and timing contractions when I arrived. We went through all of the forms I had her fill out, and got to know one another. She had her 10 year old daughter Skyla and her mother with us the whole time, both of whom were very supportive and asked really great questions. I think we both felt right away that we were going to get along really well. Her birth goals included: Waters rupturing naturally, going through most of the labor in her own home, being able to stay calm throughout the labor and delivery, delivering naturally with no pain medication, keeping her husband an integral part of the birthing team, and being able to breast feed.
At Sunny's previous Dr's apt she was dilated to 2cm and was not fully effaced. She had requested that her Dr strip her membranes, but she was not effaced enough at that apt for him to have acquiesced.
With her permission I performed a Vaginal exam. She was at 3cm was 60% effaced, and I was able to strip a few of her membranes at her request.
I let her know to sleep and eat when she could, and to keep herself comfortable. I told her that if her body continued to progress that she would probably go into labor in the next day or two, but to keep me informed and I would come right back over.
At 10:15 pm I received a text from Sunny's mother, letting me know that Sunny's contractions were every 5 minutes and getting much stronger. I went right back over and checked Sunny again. At that time she was fully effaced and dilated to 5cm. I recommended going to the hospital, and all 8 of us headed off to be Sunny's Entourage!
When Sunny was checked in to the hospital, they examined her and she was at 6cm. Her labor started to progress much more quickly. She was having very strong contractions as well as hot flashes. Her husband was so supportive in getting cold wet wash cloths and wiping down her face, back and neck, as well as feeding her ice chips. Her daughter stayed in the waiting room watching movies, and would come in between contractions to check on her mom, while I massaged her back during contractions. By 12:45am Sunny was dilated to 7cm. The hospital staff offered pain medication via IV, but Sunny continued to labor on without assistance. Due to the hospital's regulations, only 4 of us could be in the room with her at a time. She had her husband, mother, mother in law and myself to support and encourage her on.
At 12:55am Sunny's water broke naturally. She'd had a "Bulgy Bag" and during one of the contractions, the nurses encouraged her to push lightly, which broke her water. At 1:10am the Dr came in and checked on Sunny. She was at 10 cm and the Dr prepared for her to start pushing. Sunny's husband and mother were up by her face to hold her hand and count aloud for each push, while a nurse and I each grabbed a leg and gave Sunny an anchor to push on. 4 big contractions later Ava was born.
Ava was a bit bigger than her other 2 children were, and so Sunny needed 8 sutures after delivery. They gave her a local for the pain. They also gave Pitocin IV to help stem her bleeding, which was a little abnormal. I stayed with Sunny and held her hand while the Dr sewed her up, and the nurses helped clean her up, we talked about how well she did, and how beautiful Ava was, and we both got a little choked up. But once everyone was done, Sunny was able to breast feed Ava.

Baby Ava and Sunny at Home.

At this time Sunny's mom and in-laws went home and took a very reluctant Big Sister Skyla with them. I always stay with my patients at the hospital until they have been moved from the L&D room to their own private room. This was an instance I am VERY glad I did.
Sunny's pain spiked an hour after delivery. She was in so much pain it hurt my heart. She had a stabbing pain  on one side of her bum. I massaged and rubbed, but to no avail. They brought her oral pain medicine at her request, and ice packs but it didn't work. Finally they gave her a Morphine shot IM and per her request, stopped the pitocin drip. Eventually the pain wore down to a more manageable state, and after she was up and had attempted to use the restroom, they put her in her own room to rest and sleep. Mom and baby were able to come home the following day, and are doing really well.
 Baby Ava and Daddy at home.

Every birth is special, which is why being invited and trusted to be a part of a birth is such a special occasion. Sunny was the 30th birth I had been a part of as a Doula, working by myself. Sunny was a fantastic case to be a part of, she had clear cut goals that we were able to accomplish, she had wonderful supportive family who helped to keep her in good spirits, she trusted in me to help her and she allowed me to do all I could.

Baby Ava and Big sister Skyla.

The other positive thing that happened was the next day, when I came back to see her, the nurse from the night before told me that any time I came in with a mom as her Doula, she wanted me to request her because she enjoyed working with me so much. In an area where Doula's can get a bit of flack from Hospital Personnel, that was a grand compliment.
Baby Ava, gaining weight and growing perfectly.

This was a wonderful birth to be a part of, and one that I will never forget.

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